Religious Activities

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PrarthnaMandir of the organization is not limited to the children of hostel only. A number of devotees from the village regularly come to the temple to perform divine Darshan of the deities. Various types of Utsavs such as Janmastmi, Ram Navmi, Guru Purnima, NarnarayanJayanti, VamanJayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Hanuman Jayanti, Dhanur Maas etc. are  being celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Everyday Thaal, fruits and dry fruits are offered to Thakorji twice in a day and SewaPoojaare being performed regularly. As per the Vedic ideal of  ‘DevamBhutvaDevamYajet’Sewa-Pooja of Thakorji are performed. The devotees who have reserved their Annual Tithi, Thaal is being offered to Thakorji on that day on behalf of these devotees.


In Shree SwaminarayanSampradaya, SadguruGopalanand Swami had got prevailed Mahapooja  inJunagadh as per Vedic tradition as being referred in ‘VasudevMahatmya’ PanchRatraAagam. In this Mahapoojapoojan of all Swaroops and incarnations of Bhagwan, deities, Rishis, Nakshatras, Grahas, Digpals, Tirths, Rudras etc. is being performed due to which all types of ailments and problems such physical, mental, family-related problems, enemy-related problems, evil spirits-related problems are cured of and removed.

Since long Mahapooja is being performed in the organization during the pious Chaturmaas. A token charge of just Rs.2/- (two rupees only) is being taken for such Pooja. Any devotee can get performed one or more than one Mahapooja. The ritual of Mahpooja is performed in the morning between 7.00 to 9.00 hours. At that time the host devotee can also avail the benefit of this Mahapooja and other devotees get the benefit of divine Darshan and Prasad. Through Advance registration,  Mahapooja can be performed on any specific day or date. Sankalpis performed on behalf of the host devotees who cannot remain present and then poojan is performed on his behalf.

Satsang Services

Every year AkhandDhoon, SatsangSabha, Shibir etc. are being performed by the organization during the pious Shravan Maas.

Three JapaYagna with 11 croreNaam-Japa and its Homatmak Vishnu Yagna have been performed by the organization.

Every year JapaYagna with 1 croreNaamJapa is being performed by the organization during the pious Chaitra Maas.

Every year ShrimadBhagwan, SatsangiJeevan etc.Yagnas are being performed by the organization.

Festivals like Ram Navmi, HariJayanti, Janmastmi, VarshikPatotsav, GuruPurnima etc. are being celebrated every year by the organization with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Free of cost facilities and amenities for stay and meals is being provided by the organization to the pilgrims and the guests.

Sadhana Kendra

A person may be cherishing faith in any religion or sect, but Sadhana is given importance in every religion and faith and sect. for many years ‘Shree SwaminarayanSadhana Kendra’ is being run by the organization  so that the devotees of SwaminarayanSampradaya can remain away from his day to day mundane affairs and can perform Sadhana, Bhajan and Bhakti.  And for that underground Sadhana Halls have been made wherein any devotee can perform Sadhana, Bhajan and Bhakti. Free of cost facilities of food and stay and primary treatment are being provided by the organization to Sadhak.