Gau Seva

Right from the beginning the institution has been rendering its services to the cows. There is no separate building for Gaushala- a shelter for the cows but four to five cows are being taken care of by the institution. There is a plan to have a Gaushala in future.

Sufficient quantity of milk and other milk products like butter milk, butte, Ghee etc. is available for Thakorji, saints, students and the guests. For maintenance of the cows a hugh chunk of land admeasuring about 7 Bighas is donanted by the devotee Shree Jagabhia Bhikhabhai Variya (Khambha, at present Surat) to the institution. Moreover, the institution has already acquired the land admeasuring 3 acres for grass-land and agro-education. The excretion of the cow is being used for Gobar-Gas (Bio-gas). The institution aims to prepare ayurvedic and herbal medicines out of excretion of the cows.