Establishment & Management

Established by A.N. Sadguru Shastri Swami Dharmprasaddasji, this institution is situated on the bank of the river Dharwadi near Khambha of Amreli district- a region of the brave people of Saurashtra.

With a noble objective of social, religious and economic upliftment of the people of the backward class of the society, Swamiji was rendering numerous services like free distribution of medicines, clothes, grains and other necessities of life to the needy people, construction of Hari-temples, services to the patients, Satsang Sabhas, Freedom from Addiction Campaigns, Japa Yagna, Helping people to get rid of evil spirits and sorceries, qualitative and culture-specific education to the children etc. Shree Shastri Swami has got constructed as many as 50 Hari-temples in various villages.

With an objective of running a permanent service of cultural studies along with the formal education and considering the request of the local leaders like Shree Mohanbapa and Vallabhbapa, Mohanbapa Makwana, Hargovinddada Vyas etc. Shree Shastri Swami established Shree Sahjanand Gurukul- an educational institution in the eve-time of his life. Today this educational institution has been growing into a huge shady tree. A number of educational, social and spiritual activities are undertaken and run by the institution.

swami dharamprasad
Shastri Swami Dharmaprasaddasji
swami radharamandasji
Shastri Swami Radharamandasji