Educational Activities
Shree Ghanshyam Balmandir (Jr. & Sr. KG.)

Education begins with Balmandir. The basic aim of teaching at such a tender age of a child is to orient a child towards a school and not to burden him with the load of education. The main aim behind Balmandir is that a child develops affinity and sense of belongingness towards the school, learns how to social life in a group and also learns to be free from homely care.

In Ghanshyam Balmandir, little kids are treated with love and affection like little petals of flowers. Little children are taught general knowledge, Indian culture and code of conduct but all that with utmost love. Well experienced and loving lady-teacher shapes these lumps of clay as the kids are often recognized. A planning is made to develop the minds of the children through toys and various games.

Shree Swaminarayan Primary School

After completion of education in Balmandir the child steps on the first step of his academic career and he enters into 1 st standard. Here also well experienced and trained lady-teachers teach the students the subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Languages with great love and care.

Sensing the need of the time, right from the 1 st standard basic education of English is imparted to the children. But this is not dumped upon the child as a burden. As the child goes ahead smiling and playing and internalizing the subjects taught to them, the gradual progress in each subject goes on systematically.

From standard 3 onwards, the children get an exposure to computers and their learning. The unique feature of our computer education is that by the time the child passes standard 7, he has knows well how to operate MS-Office. Personal care and attention is given to each student. As and when required, timely guidance and sufficient practice is given to all the children.

Shree Gyan-dharma Swaminarayan Vidyalaya :

After accomplishing the task of over-all development of the child with the completion of primary education up to standard 7, a secondary school is also run in the campus of the Gurukul so that the children may study with continuity of the same climate and atmosphere. Well experienced and qualified teachers of each subject guide each student individually. Once a child gets an admission in Balmandir he does not have to go anywhere else till Std.10. A gurantee of good percentage in S.S.C. is given to the students studying in the school from Balmandir. For the last five years result of the high school in S.S.C. Board examination ranges between 90% to 100%. Subjects like Mathematics, Science, English and Computer are given more weightage.

Sanskrit Pathshala :

Since 1989 Shastri Swami Dharmprasaddasji Sankrit Pathshala is being run by the institution. The source of inspiration and donor of the Pathshala is the devotee of Vadodara Shree Anilprasad Shree Prasad Trivedi sir.

With a noble intention to fulfill the Indian ethos and Indian culture represented in ‘Mother is God’, ‘Father is God’, ’Guest is God’, ‘Acharya is God’ and feelings like ‘All on this earth may get peace and happiness’ and also to respect the feelings of Shree Trivedi Sir, a Sanskrit Pathshala was started. Tremendous response and co-operation has been received by the parents and the students for this and still it continues even today.

Initially the learned professor of Khambha Shree Yogeshbhai Upadhyay was teaching the students Sankskrit of primary level. But when Shastri Dev-Vallabh Swami returned after successful completion of his studies, he took over the charge of the Pathashala. Every year about 100 to 120 students of the Pathashala appear in the various examinations of Sanskrit like Prarambh to Visharad. The result of the Pathashal has been never below 95% and generally it is 100% only. Children learn Sanskrit language along with other subjects.

As regards admission in Pathashala, there is no discrimination of caste and creed. Students belonging to all the classes can get admission provided they have flavour for learning the language. No other fees except Sanskrit Examination Board fees are taken from the students; that mean it is totally free education and every successful student is also awarded.

Hostel :

In the hostel of the institution students of Std.5 to 9 can get admission after appearing in an oral test. In a nominal fee of Rs.5,500/- per term students are given the facilities like an independent desk, well nourished and hygienic meals (three times a day), break fast etc.

The bright students of the poor families are given concession in fees of the institution and they also get scholarship. At regular intervals books, pen, pencils and textbooks are also distributed free of cost amongst the students.